Noble Bierman

Brian Jones gave us permission to reproduce these details about Noble Bierman, a former member of the 457th Anti-Aircraft Artillery, in hopes that a former army buddy might read them.

Spring 1944

Noble Bierman In Spring of 1944, Noble Bierman was a member of the 457th Anti- Aircraft Artillery, Automatic Weapons Battalion - 40mm BOFORS. He came to Weston in March 1944, posted from Horsham St Faith, near Norwich. He was billeted in the end block of what was the Westcliff Girls School, now Weston College annexe. At the other end of the block was Windsor Mansions. The Commanding Officer of RAF Locking, Group Captain James McCrae lived in No.3 Windsor Mansions with his wife, Hilda, and his beautiful twin daughters, Pauline Joan and Norma Joy. For some reason their parents always referred to them as Joan and Joy, and Noble knew them by these names. Joan was Noble's particular friend and she was an LACW in the RAF. He can recall strolling with her and they went dancing a lot together.

Omaha Beach
Joy and Joan
Joy and Joan
courtesy of Brian Jones

Noble left Weston in June 1944 for the D-Day landings at Omaha Beach and he survived the terrible slaughter that took place. He lost touch with Joan and the family and they never knew what happened to him after he left. No doubt he would have much to tell about those desperate times and the rest of his wartime in Europe. He returned to America and is today living in Urbana, Ohio. I learned of this story through an email asking if my company could help find Joan. Noble had posted an appeal on the Weymouth & Portland Veterans Rendezvous with no success.

Through research via public records and RAF Innsworth Records Centre, we were able to trace Mrs. Hilda McCrae, who is still alive and turned 100 years old in April 1998! She is living in Kent with her daughter, Joy. Joan married after the war and lived in Wales. She had two children, a boy and girl. Tragically she died of polio at the age of 35 years. Our hearts go out to Noble that this story could not have a happier ending. However, Hilda and Joy were absolutely delighted to hear from Noble, and to finally learn that he had survived Omaha. They remain in touch with each other.

A Note From Rose
Rose Brian wanted us to pass along the message that if any of Noble's old comrades or buddies should read this, he would enjoy hearing from you. You can e-mail Brian at, and he will put Mr. Bierman in touch with you.

Brian found our site thanks to Tim Roop. He is the gentleman that Brian mentions in this story who emailed him to ask for help locating Joan McCrae.