Soldier Son.
"Now don't worry about me because I very seldom think about home. I've got my own things to think about. As long as I get letters from somebody and you and everything's okay, I don't worry a damn bit."

-- Your soldier son,
Pvt. Art

October 25, 1943
Dear Art,

I received your letter today, was glad that your are doing so well with all the war work and you seem to like the mortar. It makes me laugh when I think the way you always liked to watch things explode and smoke ...but don't get your nose too close, [I'm worried] about your ears ringing. Dont they give you any cotton to put in your ears? They ought to. I am all right and that [goes] for the rest of us. About the shows up in Texas, is that in the camp or are you boys allowed to go out in town. If so, what kind of shows house and shows do they have there. I can't ask you what time did you get home last night, like I used to do. Like where were you, where did you go...makes you laugh don't it, you can put one over on me now.

It's like this from now on, who was with you and what did you do. Always do what's right because it is right. I think you will.

It's cold out tonight. I am in the front room and it's warm in this room - don't that make you think about the furnace? I am not (worrying) about you Arthur Just be carefull. I am glad that you are not worrying about anything, fine letters.

Your loving,

October 20, 1943
Bailer, Missing In Action
Dear Arthur,

I was so glad to get your kind letter. Today my heart felt much lighter after I read it. There was so much consolation in it and coming from a nice boy like you it shows you're a real friend to Bob - what more could anyone do for a friend. ...

Rose Mary is taking it so hard - she said he just has to come back - she said even if there is only part of him she would never turn him down - I think that is saying a lot don't you? Well Art, I hope you are right about coming home and about the War Department making mistakes - I know they do make them. I read about them all the time but I don't know much about the Merchant Marines - it happened so quick it was most of the boys' first trip - it was a brand new Liberty Ship and its first trip. It happened in the North Atlantic.

Well Art I hope this letter won't make you feel too bad - they tell me to keep my chin up so you keep yours up and you'll make a good soldier and another little advice Art - don't ever forget your Mom and Pop and we are all praying hard that this war is over soon and you boys won't have to go across and my prayers will be for your safe return so Good Night Art and God Bless you.

Mrs. Jos. Bailer